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The Hangover Pretzel Company

In 1989 our best man and his wife, had us over for a weekend of swimming and barbecuing. It was a weekend with great friends, great food and these incredible pretzels. Addicting was the only way to describe them.   Later that year we went down for a holiday visit.  It was the same great friends and food but NO incredible pretzels!  It was the first thing we noticed....seriously!!!  The incredible pretzels were no where in sight.  Our disappointment was met with a quick and serious explanation;   "They are way too time consuming to make!"

We were bummed to say the least. Happily though, our host was kind enough to give us the amazing recipe.   Since then we have not stopped making these incredible, addicting, amazingly tasty pretzels! We serve them at every party, family gathering and neighborhood event.  We took them to all our son’s soccer games and shared them with the team.

In 1999, we moved to Freehold, NJ.  We host many parties and always served the pretzels to our guests. We've turned many people on to these addicting bites.     Friends would challenge "pretzel virgins" to try just one..."go ahead try can't stop at just one!"   People would eat them by the handfuls...along with many cocktails!  Our neighbor Gregg began to warn people at the start of our many parties not to eat Lois' pretzels.  He would tell them that if they did they would wake up feeling like crap the next day.!    As time went on, his warning became, "If you eat Lois' pretzels tonight, you'll  wake up with a hangover tomorrow!"  Hence The Hangover Pretzel Company was born.

In 2007 I began working for a gourmet soda company.  I started handing out samples of the Original Zesty Lemon Pepperand quickly began receiving  orders.  Now our 4 varieties of gourmet pretzels are sold in over 30 gourmet shops in New Jersey and New York and we continue to grow every day.

We hope you take the time to try all four varieties.  We offer a sampler pack of all 4 flavors so you can decide which flavor you want to become addicted too...hopefully it will be all four.  And we welcome feedback, good or bad.  We might even post your comments in our testimonial section of our web sight.

Thanks for taking the time to read our story and visit our site.

And remember....always eat AND drink responsibly!