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NEW! Sweet HeetSweet Heet"Accidents do this case a very tasty one.  After cooking all night my wife combined the ingredients from our signature hot stuff Caysabi and mixed it with theBrown Sugar Cinnamon(Both ingredients are dark in color.) Two days later when I went to cook, I dipped my spatula in the oil and it was "hot."  As the four batches began to cook the kitchen was filled with the sweet aroma ofBrown Sugar Cinnamon. Immediately I know what had happened and I was not happy to say the least.  We sent the "mistake" back to Penn State with our son and his friends all raved about them. We sampled them at the 2010 Oktoberfest in Smithville, N.J. to stellar reviews and the rest is the proverbial history! A tad sweet mixed with a little "heet!"

Brown Sugar CinnamonBrown Sugar Cinnamon For those of you who like to live life on the sweet side, this is the way to go. All natural brown sugar gently blended with a hint of natural cinnamon. Then we add a touch of our secret ingredient (all natural) and a pinch of sea salt for a truly delectable taste sensation. Who doesn't love a sweet and salty treat! All natural and "0" trans fats.

CaysabiCaysabi is our signature blend of hot and "spicey" authentic seasonings sure to grab your taste buds and send them reeling.  The red CAYenne and waSABI hit you right away... then when you think it ain't all that bad, the black pepper hits you and may just bring a tear to your eye! Not for the faint of heart. All natural and "0" Trans Fats.

Original Zesty Lemon PepperOriginal Zesty Lemon Pepper is our original signature flavor. An incredible combination of seasonings blended together to awaken your taste buds. A true feast for your mouth.  This is the recipe that started it all.The consensus is they truly are addicting!